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July 25th Online Only Warehouse Auction

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Currently, auctions are proceeding as scheduled, however:
All auctions are online bidding and payment only- no onsite bidding or payment WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CASH.
Customers will need to register and bid online all payments will be charged to the card you registered with.
It's FREE to register and bid online - there are no fees for this service
We will offer FREE storage of purchased items until seven (7) days after the Stay Home Order is lifted. ALL items MUST be paid for in full prior to this arrangement.
COVID-19 Update / Temporary Changes to Our Auctions
Due to Covid-19 ALL AUCTIONS ARE NOW ONLINE BIDDING ONLY. At Auctions Unlimited the health and safety of our customers and our employees is our number one priority. With COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) now classified as a pandemic, ALL OUR AUCTIONS ARE NOW ONLINE BIDDING ONLY. All customers will need to register, bid and pay online. We want to reassure you that we are taking these and numerous other measures to ensure we can continue serving our customers with the utmost care and consideration as possible.
As always, our primary goal is making sure we are acting appropriately to keep our employees and customers safe, while also protecting their respective livelihoods and continuing to serve our customers in these difficult times.


One Million Dollae Conveyor Belt System

Auctions Unlimited has been commissioned to liquidate over one million dollars in conveyor belt systems

Auction Dates and Times Coming Soon


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    Auctions Unlimited is a fully licensed auction company. Please refer to Terms and Conditions, as all buyers and sellers are subject to these terms and conditions. Any and all complaints must be directed to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations at (800) 803-9202. Timothy Worstell Licensed Auctioneer: License # 16989    

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